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Diane/19/Connecticut/Peruvian Image and video hosting by TinyPic This is a story about a girl who turned out wrong, because she loved things that couldn't love her back.

Care package to my Cav Scout in Afghanistan

  • Foot powder
  • two movie series
  • two stickers for his macbook
  • 3 packs of 5 gum
  • box of pecans and caramel chocolates
  • 2 m&ms and 2 boxes of chocolate covered raisins
  • I hope they serve beer in hell book
  • Valentines day card and valentines day projects (hard cover book with a message in a bottle inside. The other project was the jar of “reasons why i love you”)
  • hard drive with movies and a movie i made 
  • tweezers and iphone charger cord
  • james dean t-shirt
  • “shit bitch you is fine” bear
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